(( Sorry I Haven’t Updated Yet i’m just a huge pizza shit :^) ))

that is let alone the worst idea i’ve ever heard and that’s really saying something

how come when you turn a tv on in animal crossing: new leaf at 3:33 am, you get an alien transmission? is it nothing but a practical joke from the programmers? or does it really mean something? give us your answers below - every vote counts

that son of a bitch left me for gary oak


((it WAS you, abigail……you will Die))

what about my pokemon question???????you said that you would answer all of them!!!!!!!!!!

((are you my sister or a legit fan?/?///??????? because sorry if you are one„,my sister has been wanting me to answer the same question for like WEEKS and i don’t know if it’s her or not. i don’t want to….play her game))